COVID-19 Update

All of our teams are fully vaccinated!

Our company follows all federal, state, and health agency recommendations and we have put in practice the principles to stop the spread of the virus while we continue to clean your home. To improve safety and our level of cleaning, during this time of extremely high concern, we implemented the following changes:

  1. We are using Clorox and Lysol on all touch point and hard surfaces which will remove 99.9% of bacteria. This means that all doorknobs, light switches, railings, remotes, faucet handles, etc. are disinfected.
  2. Increasing ‘touch point’ cleaning FREE of charge to our reoccurring customers.
  3. We continue to wipe down our equipment between every home.
  4. We will continue to use 100% microfiber to clean your home, which removes 98% of bacteria as well as viruses without the need for harsh chemicals. As always, all our vacuums are equipped with HEPA bags which catch 99.9% of allergens.
  5. Towels are kept separate from bathroom to kitchen as well as from home to home; and towels are used to cover our mop heads for every home and our towels are cleaned professionally at over 180 degrees to sanitize them completely each night with bleach. We have always done this!
  6. We are taking extra hygiene steps as we enter and leave all homes. These include sanitizing our hands before entering a home, wearing fresh gloves and masks throughout the cleaning process, and taking extra disinfecting steps for all critical entry and exit points from a home.
  7. Social distancing will be practiced in your home. If weather permits, take a walk or go for a bike ride while your team is there. If weather doesn’t permit, we recommend you all gather in one room and we will clean the room you all want to move to first. Then we will leave that room so you can enter and remain there as we clean the remainder of your home.
  8. Our staff is committed to keeping your home coronavirus free and have also committed to staying home if they are sick to protect our clients and their co-workers. We are also asking for your help in keeping all of our homes healthy. If there are symptoms of illness for any persons in your home please give us a call so that we can postpone or reschedule your cleaning.

As we all know, a healthy home offers more than just a bacteria-free home, it also reduces stress which can impact your body’s resilience to fight disease. We are committed to serving our customers and will notify you of any future changes to your service or our industry as a whole.

 If you have any questions, concerns or would like to start service please contact us at or call us at 703-933-9200.